At Greenleaf ELC, we provide all children the time, space and opportunity to interact with their environment, pursue their interests, guide their learning and aid their development through play-based learning.

Our team of expert staff are trained to ensure your child is reaching their developmental milestones at the proper time. We provide reports and portfolios  to document all your child’s progress.

Our programs are designed to:

  • teach mathematic, literacy, science, creative arts and music skills through fun activities
  • teach important practical and life skills. We have professionals from the community visit eg. Police, Paramedics, Dentists
  • improve child’s ability to communicate and interact with other children
  • encourage patience and persistence
  • teach foreign languages to boost brain power and mental acuity
  • encourage fitness and wellbeing through our gym and yoga classes
  • reflect trends in childrens’ interests
  • celebrate social and cultural diversity
  • encourage social, physical, emotional and cognitive development
  • provide a variety individual and team-work play activities eg. through art and craft, dramatic play, construction, music and instrument, team games.