Daily Program


At Greenleaf ELC, we provide all children the time, space and opportunity to interact with their environment, pursue their interests, guide their learning and aid their development. We endevour to keep parents brief on your child at the end of each day. For in depth discussions you are most welcome to plan at time to meet with your child's educator.


Our programs are designed to:

  •  encourage social, physical, emotional and cognitive development

  •  be challenging to varying degrees

  •  encourage patience and persistence

  •  reflect trends in childrens' interests

  •  celebrate social and cultural diversity

  •  be specialised to different ages eg. school readiness curriculum for pre-schooler

  •  improve childs' ability to communicate and interact with other children

  • provide a variety individual and team-work play activities eg. through art and craft, dramatic play, construction, music and instrument, team games. 


Sleep/ Rest:

Rest is an important tool for young children to deal and cope with their active day at the Centre. As part of routine our rest time begins at 12-30 and winds down between 2-00 to 2-30 pm. No child is forced to sleep but the younger children are encouraged to rest and non-sleepers allowed up for quiet activities.


Toilet training: Staff aim to follow the parent’s lead regarding toilet training for the toddlers. No pressure is put onto a child to use the toilet, but toddlers who seem ready are encouraged to do so. It is important that staff and parents discuss any progress so that there is consistency in expectations for successful toilet training.

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