The transition into Big School can be daunting but for our children at Greenleaf ELC we prepare them so the transition is a happy and exciting one. We believe in creating an environment where children not only have fun but also find a structure to their routine and practice different skills that are required for smooth transition to the “big school”. Our School readiness program is designed to:

  • Improve attention and concentration skills so that children learn to sit and play in different group situations.
  • help them make friends, share and negotiate with others
  • Improve the literacy and early math skills through different forms of play
  • Support children in enhancing their gross and fine motor skills for instance correct pencil grip, balancing,skipping etc
  • Enhance critical thinking, scientific and problem solving abilities.
  • improve children’s confidence to ask questions,make their needs known and become independent in doing the routine tasks.
  • Enhancing children’s creative skills through dramatic play, drawing and painting, music and movement etc.
  • Familiarise children with the school environment by taking them on excursions to local schools

We provide portfolios to document your child’s developmental progress. At the end of the year your child will wear the full graduation outfit and be presented with a certificate at the Graduation Ceremony. We invite family and relatives to attend to celebrate your child’s achievement as they move onto Big School.

We also believe that school readiness activities have to start right from the day your child enters our premises according to their age and stage of development and therefore all our activities from possum(0-3 year) to koala room(3-5 years) are aligned in a way that supports children’s learning right till the time they enter the “big school”