Hours of Operation 

Greenleaf Early Learning Centre is open daily from 7 am to 6:30 pm excluding public holidays and weekends.


Our Centre is open at all times for parental inspection. Please come to see how we help your child’s development. Never hesitate to visit us – our centre is proud of the quality of the care we provide, but please keep in mind visits should provide minimal disruption to children’s routines. Our staff are qualified, trained, experienced and talented – so if you have any questions, we’ll be glad to help out.



Arrival at the Centre:


All children need to be signed in and out at the beginning and the end of each day by the child’s parent or another responsible person. This is very important for the safety of all children attending the Centre. On enrolment you will be required to provide us with the names and phone numbers of persons authorised to collect your child. We request that you notify us immediately of any changes to this authorisation. Photo identification will be asked for if staff are not familiar with the person who is collecting your child so please notify any person on your collection list that this may occur.


On arrival you should:

  1. Relay messages to staff about your child or anything else that the staff would need to know

  2. Take your child to a staff member, help encourage your child to put their lunch box in the fridge and bag in their locker.

  3. Give any medication (prescribed by a doctor or accompanied by a letter from your doctor) to a staff and fill in the medication form.

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