About Us

Did you know research shows that

Children learn more quickly during their early years than at any other time in life

This is why at Greenleaf Early Learning Centre we provide a huge variety of innovative resources, activities and learning experiences that will foster your child’s curiosity and cognitive developments as well as stimulating and motivating a love for further learning. We provide:

  • Care for ages 0-6years
  • 5 well-balanced meals prepared to meet your child’s daily nutritional requirements
  • Science, Gardening, Cooking programs
  • Yoga and meditation classes
  • Special gym/fitness and well-being programs
  • Spanish Language classes
  • School Readiness Programs

Our Services


Opening Hour & Rates

Greenleaf Early Learning Centre is open daily from 7 am to 6:30 pm excluding public holidays and weekends.

Over 3 years: $74.50
Under 3 years: $86.50
We are a government approved centre based service. This means you may be eligible for childcare subsidy and pay subsidised gap fee accordingly.


Experienced Staff

Our team of educators reflect the diverse culture of Australia. We have skilled and experienced educators including university qualified staff. They regularly go through different training programs to enhance their understanding of the latest research about children’s growth and development so that they can bring the highest level of care to your child.


Nutritious Meals

We recognise the importance of healthy eating as well as importance of different cultural food. Our menu ensures that the children are not only able to experience some part of other culture but also respect it and value it. Our menu is set in a way that takes care of every child’s dietary, cultural, religious requirements.


Educational Programs

We have individualized tailored program for every child that will support them in their physical, social, cognitive, creative and language development. Our centre curriculum completely aligns with Early years Learning Framework(and my time our place for school aged children) in providing the best of educational program for your child

Reviews for Greenleaf Early Learning Centre



H. Issa

Amazing staff.

S Ryan

My Daughter loves it, she want to go everyday.

U. Umyousef

We had a super great experience at Greenleaf ELC. The director and the staff were very supportive, understanding and caring when we started. They catered for our personal needs and for my feelings too since it was the first time I let my child attend at a centre. The centre is well resourced and the staff are just amazing. Super lovely and great with the kids. My child has a lot of fun and enjoys his time there. Many thanks for a great quality child care.

V Lozancic

I can't recommend Greenleaf ELC enough! Wonderful and kind staff and a great learning program. The centre is very family orientated and the treatment is so different vs. what you get with the bigger franchise centres. My daughter loves going to her 'little' school everyday, she's without a care in the world and this is exactly what you want as a parent - the confidence that your child is happy, safe and being taken care of.

M Noor

Amazing and looks after kids really well. My daughter enjoys so much and have learn alot over the year. Take good care of food and sleep