School Readiness


Our School readiness program is designed to:


-help children learn the basics of school work which include numbers, ABCs, colours,

 shapes etc.


-enable children to recognize their name in writing and attempt to write it


-improve children’s confidence to ask questions, make their needs known and take care of

 themselves with minimum assistance from the teacher


-make sure children have a good understanding of what letters mean and how they are

 used (We recognize that an interest in literacy is more valuable at this age than being able 

 to read and write)


-support children to become independent at toileting and dressing themselves


-help children understand the way recess and lunch work so that they can open glad wrap, muesli

 bars and eat their yogurt without needing to be cleaned up afterwords


-help them make friends, share and negotiate with others


-Improve concentration skills so that they learn to sit in groups

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