Special Events 

At Greenleaf ELC we love to give children the opportunity to immerse themselves in a variety of experiences. We invite parents and families to join in for some celebrations throughout the year.


Animal and insect lifecycles

Children follow the growth of chicks as they hatch from eggs. They have the opprtunity to care for the baby chicks by feeding and pattig them.

We also bring in tadpole eggs so children can watch and feed tadpoles until they become frogs. We expand on this practical experience by stimulating further interest and learning during group time and daily programme.



Easter egg Hunt, easter artwork, party 



We request parents to join us at the end of the year to celebrate not only Christmas but their child's achievements throughout the year. Children perform before parents and family, recieve presents from special guest, Santa and of course there is no party without food!


Guest visits 

We invite police officers, fire brigades, dentists, RSPCA representatives and others to come and chat to the children to broaden their knowledge about their community and learn how to care for their teeth for example.


Mothers/ Fathers Day

A small party so children can express their love and appreciation.


Beach Party

A day filled with water fun activities eg. sprinklers, water slides etc. Children are taught about water safety.


Teddy Bear Picnic

Children bring in their favourite stuffed teddy and everyone joins in on a fun picnic. If parents permit children may choose to exchange their teddy with a friend for a week. The goal is for the child to learn how to care for others' properties. 


Pyjama day

We all know how comfortable PJs are so for this one day children come in with their PJs on. The day is spent reading stories, eating popcorn and children bring in their favourite movie to share with friends. 


Multiculturals Festivals

Throughout the year we celebrate various special cultural events from around the world eg. Chinese New Year, Diwali etc.


Sports Day

Keeping active is important. On sports day we play many different sports activities and award a prize to every child. 


Sustainability/ Environment Day

Its important to teach children about our environment so children learn about the environment by recycling, tree planting, composting etc.



Birthdays are very special days and we will love to help your child celebrate this special day. You are most welcome to bring in a cake for your child to share with their friends, and also to come along and celebrate with your child if you wish.  Please inform the staff if you prefer that your child does not participate in birthday celebrations for religious reasons, or if you wish for your child not to eat any cakes for dietary requirements.

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